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Female Hypnotherapy Patient

Take Back Control



This is a way of altering a person’s state of consciousness. It is generally a very pleasant and relaxing experience – often a person is guided through beautiful and tranquil imagery.

It is also at one with deep concentration. Generally a person does not feel ‘hypnotised’ as such and, contrary to popular myth, they will not lose control. There is absolutely no question of anyone being made to do anything against their will under hypnosis.

A person does not go to sleep and will remain highly aware throughout the session. Most people who have tried hypnosis find it a most enjoyable and relaxing experience. They are often keen to re-enter hypnosis as much as possible and make it a part of their lives helping them to relax and unwind.


In short, this is the combination of hypnosis with other techniques, such as NLP and Time Line TherapyTM, to bring about therapeutic change.

Some problems are more deep rooted or the result of subconscious programming. It is the subconscious mind that stores past experiences, emotions and habits or responses that are no longer useful to us. Hypnotherapy is ideally suited to treating the subconscious mind and for this reason it can be successful where other therapies are not. It can also speed up the process dramatically.

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