Meat our friendly and dedicated team. 

We are passionate about what we do and therapies we practice, always providing professional, confidential and wholistic approach. 

Julia Foster

Julia Foster uses Bowen Therapy and Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) to support your whole body.Bowen is typically chosen for muscle-skeletal problems eg shoulder restriction, back pain etc but increasingly used to support systemic health concerns eg digestive disorders such as IBS, respiratory conditions eg Asthma, urinary issues eg Cystitis. 

To find out more, visit her website:

or call

07964 298 337 to book an appointment.

Dr. Catherine Steele

Functional medicine looks to identify and address the root cause of an illness. It’s personalised medicine, we look at a client’s history to consider any triggers for ill health and examine the environmental factors that may contribute to how they are feeling. One illness may have multiple causes depending on the individual’s story. Functional medicine practitioners spend a lot of time listening to their clients and trying to understand where they are in their lives. It’s not a one size fits all approach. We use a wide range of approaches looking at things like nutrition, sleep, movement and stress.

As a psychologist I’m also fascinated by mind-body medicine and the impact of our minds on our health and wellbeing.

For more information call 07877 756 727 or visit my website

Peter Blake

Peter Blake offers a confidential therapeutic space to support clients with a wide range of personal and professional issues using Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching. Visit Peter's website to find out how he can help you:

or call 07912 343 265 to book an appointment. 

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Ibbi Lidstone

Ibbi - Clinical Aroma and Therapeutic massage therapist, who also offers a range of natural facial treatments and skincare advice. Visit Ibbi's website to find out more:

or call 07919 897 219 to book an appointment.

Eva Hall Magathova

Eva practices Homeopathy which is a natural, gentle and safe approach to supporting the body and mind. Many short term and long term health problems can be relieved by homeopathy.

She is currently training to become Bowen Therapist.

Visit Eva's website:

or call to book a consultation
07552 054 934

Mark Foster

Mark Foster qualified in Bowen in 2007, adding the technique to his primary qualification of Podiatry. 

Mark blends an interest in Biomechanics with Bowen, lower limb acupuncture and joint manipulation with a bespoke orthotic service to support your body into improved alignment and movement. 

Having headed an NHS Biomechanics team and taught the specialism on a BSc degree programme, he offers appointments in central Worcester on Mondays in addition to services at Droitwich Knee Clinic and his Edgbaston base. 

Contact him on 07941 138 957.

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