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Holding an Apple

Attuned & Focused


Nutrition Counselling can help you to overcome binge eating, emotional overeating, restrictive eating and long-term struggles with weight and body image.


There are two key elements to nutrition counselling:

Nutritional support

Assessment of your current eating patterns and thoughts and feelings around food and eating.

Focus on simple, achievable and sustainable changes for consistent and lasting impact on your health and wellbeing.

Exploring your likes and dislikes to devise a way of eating which is both nourishing and enjoyable.

Attuned or intuitive eating- relearning how to respond to and trust your body’s natural hunger, fullness and satiety signals.

Emotional support

Exploring your history with food, eating and dieting to discover how old patterns and beliefs may still be influencing your current eating behaviours.

Understanding your emotional triggers for non-hunger eating or food restriction, exploring how and why you’ve learned to use food or food restriction as an emotional coping mechanism.

A safe, confidential space where you can talk openly about your issues with food, eating and body image.


Nutrition counselling is a gentle, compassionate approach to behaviour change around food, it is weight inclusive, non-judgmental and always personalised to your individual needs.

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